Peer skills

how to support each other



Peer coaching is a great way for people to support each other as they take steps toward change. This book is designed to encourage you to work with your peers on many of the exercises. Learning how to do this well is the first skill you need to practice. Some skills will come easily, while others will be more challenging, especially if you did not learn the skills growing up. Coaching can be divided into three distinct skill sets.

The first skill set is about connection to build trust, listen well, express caring, non-judgment and acceptance. On the flip side is avoiding things that break trust. It also includes feedback-gaining skills so you can communicate and embrace feedback.

The second skill set is motivating your peer to take action and learn ways around the obstacles of action.

This third skill set involves designing for change. Throughout the book we use tools such as brainstorming, SMART-ASS goal setting and accountability to achieve your goals. The templates in this book will train you to use these.

Each skillset calls requires us to use different strengths. You can learn these valuable relationship skills through a process of understanding, self-reflection, practice and feedback. This peer coaching section will take you through the six key connection skills.

The quizzes and activities will give you the opportunity to reflect on your own skill level, and focus on bridging your skill gaps.

The peer skills

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