Eva Migdal

Founder of Wellschool; Physiotherapist; Educator; Wellness coaching trainer; Author.

Eva is a social entrepreneur who devotes her energy to designing wellness processes, training, tools and books for schools, community, healthcare and workplaces.

Her journey started in 1984, as a young frustrated physiotherapist and rehabilitation consultant asked to manage the consequences of preventable injuries in the workplace. She saw how quickly health improved and injury rates declined by transforming the work culture and supporting injured individuals to take on wellness strategies and change many simple habits.
Eva founded the social enterprise Wellschool as a response to this which focuses applying her unique Well Habit process to the five levels of: body, safety, connection, mind and shine.
She has been trained in and worked as a physiotherapist, health educator, environmental scientist, filmmaker and producer of community radio.

In the past decade she has focused on innovation and design thinking in health and wellness coaching. Eva designed and ran the Wellness Coach training at RMIT University’s School of Health Sciences Master of Wellness program. She was a Health Coach with Diabetes Victoria government funded Life Program. She has been a fellow with the Centre for Sustainability Leadership, School of Social Entrepreneurs and The Difference Incubator ‘Two Feet’ social business program.

Her current work includes health and wellness coaching, wellness and coach training projects with schools; TAFE college; university students; life insurance companies; health professionals and Well Habit resource development for a range of applications.


Darren Ball

Consultant; Professional Development; and Teacher.

Darren’s journey started in Japanese Martial Arts when he was young; this inspired a lifetime of training and development experiences. Through the influence from different cultures and systems Darren formed Bunbu Training and Development in 1998. Subsequently he formed Warrior Health and Fitness Concepts in 1999.

He went on a quest of exploration and practice to gain insight and the fundamental tools to best serve people. This included many areas such as Martial Arts, Yoga, Shiatsu & Massage therapies, Breathwork, Mindfulness, Energy work, Spirituality, Psychology, Zen Buddhism, and much more. After a serious health concern in March 2018, he decided to invest fully into his core passion; Personal Development Coaching. He re-branded Warrior Fitness into Align Coaching & Bodywork which has become his life-purpose of serving others to help them develop health, happiness, and purpose for themselves.

He has worked with young people for the majority of his life in social and emotional development, education support, mentoring and coaching. Each approach is tailored to the individual to be able to educate and guide them on their specific journey. He thrives on empowering people to take control of their life and grow a self-supported well future.

Kristine Gardener

Wellcircle Facilitator

Kristine is awesome. She has been a Wellcircle facilitator for the pilot and subsequent Wellcircles and is part of the curriculum development team. She is a committed and passionate health professional with qualifications in Wellness Coaching, Naturopathy, Education and Natural Fertility Management, as well as extensive experience at a senior level in the corporate sector and small business management. By applying the principles of positive psychology, appreciative inquiry and motivational interviewing, she assist clients to explore the underlying causes and motivations behind their unhealthy behaviours & lifestyle choices and help them to set appropriate and achievable pathways to their health goals. Her areas of interest include chronic disease prevention and reversal, stress management and weight loss, with a strong interest in youth resilience coaching.

Ulrike Dreyheller

Trainer Assistant, Educator, Coach, Author, Consultant, Producer.

Ulrike is a creative designer, with an academic background.  Ulrike did her Bachelor and Master of Arts in Sociology at the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena (1999-2010, Germany) and completed her studies in Communication psychology, Language and Speech (Sprechwissenschaft). She has studied the impact of Western culture as a pathway to burnout.

Since 2010 she has run design thinking courses and workshops for educators; published books for early education, worked for the Goethe Institute, was consultant and trainer for the special needs program run by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ) (2011 – 2014). In 2014 she was awarded the Salzmann Prize by the prime minister of Thuringia for outstanding contributions in the field of early childhood, school and extracurricular education.

She completed a Master degree for copywriting (Text College Munich, 2004) and worked as a freelancer and for top advertising agencies in Germany. Her creative work was shortlisted for the New York Festival (2007).

Since 2017 she has become a conscious minimalist who travels the world to inspire and support social enterprises. She is an integral part of the Wellschool team with a focus on design and development of the online training curriculum.


Prof. Ashley Bush

Ashley is a psychiatrist and neuroscientist and the Chief Scientific Officer of the Cooperative Research Centre for Mental Health.  He is the recipient of numerous awards including the Schering-Plough Senior Research Award from the Australian College of Psychiatrists, and in 2011, the Australia Fellowship from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC). He is the most highly cited neuroscientist in Australia over the last 10 years, and in 2014 and 2015 was listed in the Thompson ISI list of The World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds. In less busy days he was a stand up comedian, a television screen writer, a composer & musician. He is father of four gorgeous children who keep him grounded.

Dr. Nathalie Martinek

Safe Space Health Facilitator Trainer

Originally from Montreal, Nathalie completed her studies in developmental biology at the University of Toronto. After moving to Melbourne in 2005, she spent several years as a postdoctoral researcher at the Peter Mac. She was Project Officer in Training & Development at the Centre for Community Child Health at the Royal Childrens Hospital which allowed her to expand her work into projects with a public health and community focus. This shift also initiated her training as a meditation facilitator, teacher and wellbeing advocate to support those working in healthcare settings to self-care.
Nathalie has trained as a facilitator of the Family Partnership Model in order to deepen her facilitation skills and support practitioners to be effective in their work with families, patients, clients and colleagues. Nathalie is interested in the power of partnerships as agents of cultural and practice change as well as in healing. She’s a state grade squash player, fluent in French and Hebrew, a bagel connoisseur and knows nothing about Australian Rules football.

Daryl Taylor

Daryl is a community development project worker, public health planner, participatory action researcher, and collaborative design and program evaluation consultant. He has worked as a general nurse on hospital wards and in emergency and trauma departments as well as in the community in community health and community mental health programs. He has designed and led award-winning participatory and collaborative policy, program, project and action research process innovation in public health and health promotion, community well-being, community development and deliberative planning, indigenous reconciliation, the arts and community cultural development, volunteering and social inclusion and disaster preparedness and community regeneration. Daryl has tutored and taught in, and contributed to the development of, multi-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary undergraduate and post-graduate subjects. In 2011, he received the School for Social Entrepreneurs ‘Community Champion’ Award for contributions to community development and social innovation.

Dr. Joanna Denyer

Wellschool Editor and Research

Working at the Wellschool HQ since August 2016, Jo has a background in medical publishing where she worked as an editor for a leading medical journal. Prior to this she completed a PhD in biomechanics, a degree in Sports Therapy, and lectured at the University of Hertfordshire in the UK. Having spent the last two years travelling, she arrived at Wellschool to volunteer for one week, but can’t seem to leave! Inspired by the Wellschool vision, she’s been putting her editing and organisational skills to good use working on various projects including Wellcirlces, Wellness coaching for schools, and Wellness literacy for the YWCA Mentor-Mentee program.

Sharee Johnson

Sharee is a registered Psychologist and full member of the Australian Psychological Society.  She is also a Human Resources consultant. Sharee’s interests are in Organisational, Health and Counselling Psychology.  She is the mother of three lovely teenagers who keep her on her toes.  She has worked with government departments including DHS and VicRoads, in the public private sector with electricity and water companies, in private sector including the gas and oil industry, recreation industry and many others and in the not for profit sector through Uniting Care.  

Sharee lives in Gippsland and runs her private practice across Gippsland and Melbourne working as executive coach, wellness coach, consultant  and therapist.  Mindfulness is at the heart of all of Sharee’s work, she is accredited with global company the Potential Project working with organisations to build a mindfulness culture and with the Leadership Circle.  All of Sharee’s work is about growing personal awareness so that personal choice is an active experience in people’s lives, the key to experiencing wellness.  Sharee is also the founder of Good Practice Good Health Inc., a not for profit organisation established to build better communication between patients and their families and health professionals.  Sharee aims to engender a sense of purpose and a feeling of hope with those she meets.  

Elise Bialylew

Elise Bialylew is a coach, meditation teacher and social entrepreneur who trained as a doctor and psychiatrist. She left the hospital wards to pursue a deeper calling to start a global mindfulness meditation movement and founded Mindful in May in 2012. The campaign has taught thousands of people from around the world the skills of mindfulness and raised funds to bring clean safe drinking water to developing countries.

Elise combines her deep psychological understanding, her training in mindfulness meditation, and her passion and creativity to coach people to discover their own life purpose and transform ideas into action. She thrives on helping people make positive change in their lives through freeing themselves from self limiting beliefs and developing the confidence and courage needed to take bold action. In short, her mission is to help people flourish and reach their full potential. She now runs the Mind Life Project. Check it out at mindlifeproject.com

Ethical Nomad Volunteers

Rather than our team just working together, we have also have a team of volunteers that live together.

WELL HABIT WORLD is run from a co-living home in Melbourne, Australia where we do more than just talk wellness, we get to test out our principles every moment of every day.

Our community attracts volunteers from all corners of our beautiful planet, and also includes our Airbnb ‘benefactors’ who pay for the joy of living within a wellness social enterprise experiment!

We support and peer coach each other towards wellness in the same way our curriculum would. We also invite colleagues to come and work in our Co-living work community.

Thank you to the many international volunteers whose curiosity, enthusiasm and awesome talent have built and designed our websites, as well as edited and written for our books and curriculum.