The social impact community

Ethical nomad is a new idea for a new time where we need to accelerate positive change throughout the world. 


Where you can invite skilled travellers to EXCHANGE living in your home for VOLUNTEERING on your Social Change Project

Where you can travel and stay for FREE in AIRBNB type of homes, in exchange for volunteering for Social Change Project

Where your empty bedrooms become SPACES where international volunteers sleep in your home so they can contribute to Social Change Projects

Ethical nomads is a social impact model we have been developing and testing in our Wellschool home and community over the past three years. It has been so sucessful that we wanted to share it with other social entrepreneurs.

It brings together three key elements:

1. The Traveller – Who needs a home.

Skilled volunteers, usually from overseas location, who are looking for accommodation as they are on one year working visas. Volunteer skills can range from writing, project management, editing, design, social media, crowdfunding etc.

2. The Social entrepreneur – Who needs a community of support.

Social entrepreneurs may provide the home if they have the space, or may ask friends or supporters who live in a home with the space to house volunteers.

3. The Project – Which needs a community of support to make it happen.

Social entrepreneurs with social change projects become the focus for the volunteers to contribute skilled support, as well as a learning framework for about social enterprise and how to make change happen.


Contact us if you’d like to apply to be a volunteer, social entrepreneur, or pilot home in the future. Find out more details on our dedicated Ethical Nomads website.


We are currently interviewing social entrepreneurs to identify three other social enterprises where we can further pilot our Ethical Nomads project.