Because wellness changes lives.

1. A free meta-wellness learning resource

Wellness means becoming aware, making choices and changing habits towards a healthy and fulfilling life.

Wellschool is a place where you can learn how to be well in all aspects of your self. It offers basic learnings and curated videos, self-awareness quizzes and challenges, practical exercises and options to explore. It is designed for the many aspects of you. You can choose from the start what you self defined learning pathway is. It also lets you learn at your own pace wherever you are.

Wellschool explores all parts of wellness –  from taking optimal care of your body, to feeling safe inside of yourself, to feeling connected with the outside world, to improving your mind and finding ways to shine brightly in things that are meaningful to you. Our vision is to guide you to identify your own skills – your strengths, your challenges and find a way to bring more of the skills you need and want into your life.

2. A peer to peer pathway

Wellschool believes we can learn best when we help each other. You can learn the skills to support, peer coach and hold each other accountable for set goals. We have simple tools to track yourself and others.


3. A systems thinking approach

Systems thinking is a range of skills which include your ability to do three things

  • Reflect – Identify and understand your way of reacting.
  • Seeing Patterns – Be able to see the patterns of your behavior.
  • Goal Setting – Set goals and make changes in order to improve wellness.


4. A design thinking approach




“ Imagination gives you the picture. Vision gives you the impulse to make the picture your own.” (Robert Collier, Author )