Say it with grace

One of the greatest tools for change is the ability to tap into thoughts that motivate others toward positive outcomes. Appreciative inquiry primes the brain to remember the past in a positive way. The ability to acknowledge strengths builds a positive and empowering self-identity as well as confidence. Reframing puts stories in a more hopeful and purposeful light. For people who rarely receive affirmations or understand how to view the world through a positive lens, these skills can build new perspectives.

 Have a look at the video’s below from Brian Tracy on positive reframing and motivation.


– How to replace negative thoughts | Brian Tracy – 

In this video I give you tips on how to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Sometimes we can be to hard on ourselves and the result is negative self talk. We must always strive to talk to ourselves in a positive way even when we make a mistake.


– 5 Steps to make your team feel appreciated | Brian Tracy – 

Feeling appreciated fuels motivation, and the ability to make others feel as if their efforts and contributions are truly appreciated is a big part of what makes a good leader.