Wellness Principles

On well being and feeling well

Life is a succession of lessons, which must be lived to be understood. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

At Wellschool, our hope is that you will learn to apply these principles to your life. Have a read through them and see how they sound. You can take the opportunity to try them out, put them into practice, and start to reap the benefits of wellness.

Learn from Failure
We all fail at things. Failure is a necessary and healthy part of being a human being. It is how we learn and grow. When you realize that failure is a natural consequence of trying new things or challenging yourself you may start to see failure as positive. This is an essential part of personal growth & learning. How you respond to failure can change how you live your life.
Know Yourself
We can often be blind to our own bad habits. Learn to be aware of yourself so you can accept who you are, your challenges and take steps to improve yourself. You become self-aware by becoming curious about your habits and asking people you trust for feedback.
Live the Life you Choose
Being able to make your own choices is one of the great liberties in life. You are your own master! You can try to achieve anything you can dream, so think about what makes you happy, think about the life you want to live. The life that your heart and soul yearns for might not be the easiest, the most obvious or the most financially secure. But do not be afraid to be strong in your own life choices. The support and advice offered by those closest to us is a wonderful asset and can be one of the most valuable aspects of decision making. But remember you can take every piece of advice but it is you and you alone who has the final say in what you do with your life!
Be Creative and Express Yourself
The creative process is a pathway to exploring new things and getting to know yourself better. Writing, singing, drawing, telling stories, dancing- these are all brilliant ways to express who you are. You don’t have to be amazing or even any good at these tasks. Creative expression is not a test, but instead a pathway to mental wellness.
Be Open to New Things and Ideas
Life is full of opportunities if you’re open to exploring them. The more options you give yourself, the better you will feel. Talk to people, read, ask questions. New doors may open. Do your research and take the time to consider the options in more detail so you understand the long-term outcomes of your choices.
Small Steps to Change
‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.’If you want to make changes, start small. Start with one or two good habits to replace some bad habits. Go to bed 15 minutes earlier, drink one less soft drink a day, eat one more fruit a day, drink one glass of water each morning, have one social media free day or night. What ever works for you. New habits can be uncomfortable at first. Becoming comfortable is best done in small doses.
Be Patient, Go Slow
Change takes time. Slow change is more likely to stick than rushing into it. Learn the fine art of waiting. Learn to breathe if you feel impatient so you can be comfortable taking it slow.
Plan Ahead
Change doesn’t happen by accident – it requires planning, so plan ahead! Imagine where you want to end up and work out the small steps that will take you there. Writing out a plan makes it much more likely to happen. So sit down alone or with someone you trust to put the plan on paper. Put it somewhere you’ll see it often.
Ask and Offer Support
Humans are designed to be part of communities. If you don’t like the people around you, don’t give up. Seek out people who you like and can get on with. There are thousands of communities out there: online communities, sporting clubs, dog clubs, book clubs, volunteer organizations. There is a world full of places where people share, listen, understand and support each other.
Love and Celebrate Yourself
Make change a positive and rewarding experience in your mind. Treat yourself to something special when a goal is achieved. You can see a film, buy something small but precious or take a day off. Learn to celebrate yourself with wellness. Appreciate, love and celebrate yourself.