On well being and feeling well

The World Health Organisation defines wellness as; “A state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

At Wellschool, we simplify this:

Becoming aware, making choices and chan ges towatds a healthty, fuillfilled life.

The illness-wellness continuum

Understanding wellness and making long term lifestyle changes towards wellness can be difficult, we have developed inspiring tools, workouts, trainings and peer coach support that teach wellness skills.

Our current health care systems aim to treat illness to get us back to the neutral point indicated on the diagram above. We wait until we’re unwell, then go to our GP, they diagnose our ill, and then maybe prescribe us a pill, or perhaps refer us to a psychologist or a specialist. It is a treatment based approach, meaning it is responsive to illness, with few opportunities for illness prevention or achieving a higher level of wellness.

Wellness strategies

Here at Wellschool, we use a number of wellness strategies including developing wellness literacy and coaching techniques to help people understand their current wellness habits, and help them achieve greater wellness. We break the idea of wellness down into two simple steps.

KNOWING: Step one is learning and becoming aware about our unique body and mind; how they work, what makes them work better and worse. We become self-aware of our own strengths and challenges so we can know what choices can increase our well-being.

DOING: Step two is turning awareness into action. Committing to choices that move us towards better health.