Together means strength

Wellschool is a unique experience of living the talk of wellness. Rather than our team just working together, we have a team of volunteers that live together. Wellschool is run from a co-living home in Melbourne, Australia where we do more than just talk wellness, we get to test out our principles every moment of every day. Our community attracts volunteers from all corners of our beautiful planet, and also includes our Airbnb ‘benefactors’ who pay for the joy of living within a wellness social enterprise experiment! We support and peer coach each other towards wellness in the same way our curriculum would. We also invite colleagues to come and work in our Co-living work community.

Thank you to the many international volunteers whose curiosity, enthusiasm and awesome talent has built and designed our websites, as well as edited and written for our books and curriculum. If you would like to know more about our unique Co-living Community of people that we call Ethical Nomads, or how to create one for your own social change ideas, please contact Eva.


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